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After some significant downtime and discussion on the future direction of the RNS, we are now moving towards publication of a new issue of JRNS sometime in 2013! 

Further details regarding plans and membership will be announced.

This website has also been relaunched and will likely be redesigned as we move forward. Watch this space!

Jim Elmen - Igor Shneyderov - Steve Moulding

The Society

The Russian Numismatic Society (RNS) was organized in 1978 as a non-profit group of collectors and students interested in the field of Russian numismatics.

The Journals (JRNS) and Newsletters published by the society featured

Back Issues of the Journal

The Society still has in stock many back issues of the JRNS in stapled paper format. 

We will update the Index of Journals shortly, but for now if there is something you need, please send us an email or contact the RNS Secretary directly.

Other RNS Publications for Sale

The following Society publications are available as long as there is stock. 

  1. A. Berglund & V V Zakharov. The Novgorod Mint during the Swedish Occupation 1611-1617.  56pp, illustrations and tables. Card covers. $12.00
  2. O. Retowski. The Genoese-Tatar Coinage. Translation of the 1906 original. 51pp + 6 plates. Card bound. $8.50
  3. O. Retowski. Die Munchen der Girei. The standard work on the Crimean Tatar coinage. Reprint of the 1910 original. 302pp + 30 plates. Hardbound. $47.50
  4. R. Zander. The Alaskan Parchment Scrip of the Russian American Company 1816-1867. 48pp, illustrations. Card bound. $15.00

Items may be ordered through this website using PayPal (RNSJournals@gmail.com) or from the RNS Secretary (address below).  

Within the United States, please add $5.00 for postage. For international destinations, please contact us first.

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Russian Numismatic Society

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